Flat Towing

RV flat towing
RV flat towing

Do you have an RV and want to tow a vehicle for those short trips around town? Flat towing is the answer.

BX7365 Alpha

Class III; 6500 lbs

  • Self-aligning, 3-axis swivel design
  • Mounts and stores on back of RV
  • Self-aligning, with quick disconnect hookup pins
  • Signature Series™ easy-release locking handles for hassle-free disconnect
  • Off-set triple lugs to better align towing forces and prevent binding
  • Rubber boots to protect from road grime
  • Safety cables included
BlueOx BX7365 Alpha 
BlueOx BX7365 Alpha

BX4370/BX4375 Ascent

Class III; 7500 lbs

  • Can maneuver tight corners as legs are 2” longer
  • No centering pin — easy to stow, easy to store
  • Non-binding latches
  • Off-set triple lugs makes unhooking simple
  • Rubber boots prevent dirt from getting in the legs
  • Diamond Vogel metallic powder coat
  • Raised premium gold toned Blue Ox nameplate
  • Safety cables included
  • BX4370 is a 2 inch receiver
  • BX4375 is a 2.5 inch receiver
BlueOx BX4370 Ascent 
BlueOx BX4370 Ascent

BX7420/BX7425 Avail

Class IV; 10,000 lbs

  • Improved turning radius, better cornering
  • Fits wide or narrow towed vehicles
  • Smoother towing over rough roads
  • Revolutionary latch design
  • Patented non-binding latches release easily under any conditions
  • No interference low profile handle design
  • Premium metallic paint
  • Longer legs
  • Safety cables included
  • BX7420 is a 2 inch receiver
  • BX7425 is a 2.5 inch receiver
BlueOx BX7420 Avail 
BlueOx BX7420 Avail

BX7460P Allure

Class IV; 10,000 lbs

  • Adjustable legs mean easier coupling and un-coupling
  • Pintle ring and Signature Series™ easy-release locking handles for safer and easy coupling
  • Stores right on the tow vehicle when not in use
  • Superior handling on rough terrain
  • Tight turning radius – excellent for manufacturing or plant applications
  • Off-set triple lugs better align towing forces and prevent binding
  • 46″ leg extension, 34.63″ leg spread
  • Additional receiver head options available for 2” ball, 2” receiver and clevis connections
  • Tow Bar will only store on baseplates with a tab width of 27″ or smaller
  • Includes: Clevis connection manufactured to client specifications
  • Designed for heavy duty towing
  • Collapsible legs
BlueOx BX7460P Allure 
BX7460P Allure