Gooseneck and 5th Wheel

PullRite Fifth Wheel Slider

  • The 12K SuperGlide is designed specifically for the new “shorter than a short bed” trucks - like modern ½ ton trucks with beds shorter than 6 foot.
  • It moves up to 22 ¾” while turning.
  • SuperGlide automatically moves the trailer away from the cab while making turns - allowing up to 90 degrees turning without stopping, slowing down or even thinking about the space between the truck and trailer.
  • Automatically returns the hitch and trailer to the safe towing position over the truck axle when the turn is completed.
PullRite SuperGlide fifth wheel

B&W Companion Fifth Wheel

  • Easily converts to a level bed and was designed to address the issue of sloppiness in hitches. The result is a quiet, cushioned ride that is free of jerking.
  • It's removable to free-up your truck bed when you are not towing. Utilizes the B&W Turnoverball under-bed mounting system. Can be removed by 2 people.
  • 12” of movement for turning and maneuvering clearance in shortbed trucks.
  • Automatically latches in both directions so you only get out of the truck once to move into maneuvering position.
  • Tight tolerances in sliding mechanisms, moves smoothly without rattle.
  • 1" thick, wrap-around jaws fit kingpin perfectly, eliminating sloppy starts and stops.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
B&W Companion fifth wheel
Blue Ox Gooseneck quick flip ball

Blue Ox Gooseneck

One person operation - release and flip the ball inside the pickup bed to tow or stow in seconds. The locking collar is flush with the pickup bed, the hitch ball drops directly into the collar socket for storage allowing full access to the truck bed. Lifetime Warranty.

  • Patented QuickFlip Ball
  • No handle, no release pin, no reaching in a wheel well
  • Ball stays in place with a self-locking twist mechanism
  • Ball drops directly into socket for storage
  • Self-cleaning socket design keeps the ball from seizing
  • 7,500 lb tongue capacity
  • 30,000 lb gross capacity

32K Single or Double Pivot Mount-on Kit

  • This fifth wheel is the deal for light and medium duty towing. Its low profile design is great for stability with car haulers, flat beds, hot shot rigs and any other trailer towing needs.
  • The application stands only 6” from the bed. The fifth wheel is mounted through the bed to a heavy duty 1” thick x 12” wide plate that is welded on under the bed of your truck.
  • Can be easily removed by simply removing the bolts.
  • This application can also be equipped with a gooseneck ball that can be installed after removing the fifth wheel head.
Holland FW0001 fifth wheel 32k